We at Cares Children’s foundation always fully focused on helping the Vulnerable children in Uganda.

In uganda, more than 1.3 million children are living without one or both parents due to natural calamities, poverty, Diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS and domestic violence have made many children to live in difficult circumstances. Your support enables us to meet the financial, social psychological, educational and health needs of such children especially in refugee camps of Uganda


We welcome volunteers and donors from around the world. Please contact us to plan how you can get involved.


Education activitiess
Through education, orphaned children can attain a bright future
Feeding Activities

A balanced diet helps in the normal growth and development of children

Elderly are also cared for

At cares children foundation, elderly are also cared for.

Quran Recitation

Your donations will help teach the marginalized children the Quran. This is Sadaqah Jariyah. There are alot of amazing rewards you get generation after generation.

Our Organization Weekly News

See your weekly Donation impact.

Feeding the unfortunate

This weekly food has been donated by Hajji Nathan Pathan from USA. All aid we distribute is the result of friends and community pulling together to find a way to help those less fortunate. We are dedicated to alleviating the suffering caused by ongoing conflicts in Uganda. Relief For All We assist both families and individuals around the globe who go without essential sustenance to live. We aim to provide support through amnesty projects that deliver nutritional, medical and economic relief.

Donate a borehole for only 3500$

Give water NOW. Allllah (SWT) in the Holy Qur’an tells us: ‘By means of water, we give life to everything’ (21:30). Our Prophet (pbuh) said ‘The best form of charity is to give someone water (to drink). ‘ (Ibn Majah). Water is a basic necessity for survival, yet regular and unhindered access to clean water remains a privilege afforded by only 30% Ugandans. The other 100million people struggle on a daily basis to meet their basic needs related to sanitation, livelihoods and nutrition. This Ramadan, we can ease their difficulties and help make religious obligations just that bit easier Insha’Allah. Give your Zakat and Sadaqah towards a hand pump or build a well to give thousands of ugandans access to clean water in the most important month of the year.